رب (Morocco)

By Andrea Loria

Anonymous asked: Idk I'm not really comfortable going off anon you think maybe we could chat on text message or something?

I guess so but I how am I meant to tell you my number i can’t just put it out there for everyone to see



Tupac holding his middle finger high after being shot.

One of the dopest photo’s i ever seen.

the realest. RIP.

if you don’t reblog this you deserve to be shot by Tupac’s ghost.

That last comment freaked me out so… yeah.


hey rich white teen side of tumblr y’all got any spare macbooks y’all wanna toss this way?

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demonize poor women for wanting to terminate pregnancy they can’t afford

demonize poor women for applying for government assistance to raise the child they didn’t want because they couldn’t afford it by referring to them as “welfare queens”


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beihla-donna asked: Youre so gorgeous bby 😍 Mind following back and giving me your instagram?

it’s leonie_timothy and thank u xx